Common Problems

Why choose us?

Thanks to many years expert’s assessment we can help you in virtually every kind of defect or error message:

  • Be it the classic ‘standard errors’ like a broken display/monitor or a cracks screen;

  • Technical defects on keyboard, trackpad, Power Supply, USB ports, headphone jack, connectors , etc.;

  • difficult and complex system errors on the mainboard / logicboard, BIOS-, EFI-Chip or problems with the graphics card

  • For almost all problems with your device: we have the necessary know-how and special equipment in our workshop to offer you successful solutions/ repairs;

Not only we gladly help you and your hardware in case of defects. Our extensive service offerings also includes individual system optimizations through installations, HDD-, SSD- or RAM-enlargements, updates of software and upgrades of components, storage.

  • As intensely we also attend maintenance of your device: we offer everything which raises the performance and life span of your Mac/ MacBook from analysis to security checks, backups and security copies, through virus removal, firewall installation up to thorough case and fan cleaning and exchange thermal grease

With a lot of devotion we devote to older generations and classics of Apple. Therefore, we maintain a warehouse with a comprehensive range of spare parts and special parts. If we don’t have the required part in stock, we will revert to a worldwide network to organize even the rarest spare parts for you and repair your favorite Mac.

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