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Display damage is understood as in the context of various errors. The most common of which are broken or chipped glass, perhaps from the device being dropped.

In these cases the display must be switched out as it is not possible to replace components thereof. However, some MacBook models have a glass or shield in front of the actual display panel. In these cases, only the front glass must be replaced and this is often much cheaper.

Display damage can also be monitor failure, where the device may show black, white or colored streaks. Sometimes the whole display is black or lacking a backlight. 

These situations may be due to a faulty display, but with a little luck, it may be due to a faulty cable or connection, which are cheaper to replace. In an unlucky circumstance, the graphics chip or card may be to blame. Don’t fret, we specialize in chip replacements and may be able to save you from having to replace the whole logicboard. 

Of course there may simply be an issue with your iMac or MacBook’s assembly, bezel, cover or hinges. We are very familiar with these issues as well and can help. Bring your device by for a free analysis and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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