Data Storage Solutions


  • Secure local backups
  • Emergency recovery capabilities
  • Organizations of any size
  • Customized for needed solution
  • Support in Hamburg


  • Redundant backup
  • Located in Hamburg
  • Time sensitive backup scheduling

We help your company ensure that operationally sensitive data is securely and repeatedly backed up onsite. We accomplish this by installing a server with the appropriate storage size, installing other needed network infrastructure, and a software solution to manage the architecture as a whole. The network infrastructure (routers, switches, drives, etc.) is a network attached storage system that will be customed tailored to your demand, with a focus on affordability.

Why Us?

We offer your business peace of mind with our backup solutions. Our solutions is highly customizable at an affordable price. We will help you pick out the technology (routers, switches, storage capacity, etc.) to ensure a secure environment. Furthermore, our software solution offers you the availability to have a personal cloud based solution where you or customers can view content and files. For example, customers could view photographs or access important files all from their home but still leaving you in control of who gets to see what and when.Our solution also provides with with scheduling to allow backups to be ran overnight or on an hourly basis. The backups can range from multiple small files or complete system images. Finally, we support the solution. If there are any issues, we will promptly solve them.